R3 Sensors Software:

The flow of data via the R3 Sensors system is shown above. You begin by picking a sensor and plugging it into the transmitter. Once the sensor is plugged in it will automatically begin transmitting. The Data is then received by the Gateway and sent on to the R3 Sensors' Data Manager. With the manager you can direct this information to either the R3 Sensors' Web Dashboard or to the OPC Client of your choice.

Data Manager

R3's Data Manager takes sensor information from your receiver and displays it in an easy to understand manner. With this software you can view your sensors statuses, view data flow, and configure your gateways. The Data Manager also gives you the option to forward this information on the R3 Sensors Web Dashboard or to the OPC client of your choice.

Web Dashboard

The R3 Sensors' Web Dashboard takes the information from the Data Manager and Displays it in an easy to view format. The Dashboard has many built in functions including:

For more information on the R3 Sensors Software please contact us at sales@r3sensors.com or by phone at 801 - 660 - 4451